My Thoughts on the Anti-Duterte ad paid by Trillanes

NOTE: This post is the personal opinion of the creator of this blog and is no way affiliated to Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte or Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.

This is where our P20 million went.

The whole nation alarmed this morning when the news of an anti-Duterte ad is about to air tomorrow, May 6. The information revealed that ABS-CBN will air the ad anyway for P20 million and other networks rejected that ad.

Fast forward to the first commercial break of TV Patrol, we see the anti-Duterte ad paid by the Vice Presidential Candidate Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV before our very eyes. He used innocent children on the said ad. It started with a young kid saying “ito ba ang gusto n’yo?” followed by edited clips of past speeches from the Presidential Front-runner Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte regarding his fight against criminality, swearing Pope Francis, praising the New People’s Army (NPA), kissing women, his remarks on the 1989 hostage crisis on the gang rape of the Australian missionary, and his promise of a bloody presidency, followed by a kid saying “ito po ba ang gusto ninyong maging halimbawa para sa amin?“, and the Mayor showing his dirty finger (censored for obvious reasons). The ad was paid by Sen. Antonio Trillanes and it comes just four days before the 2016 Presidential Elections here in the Philippines. The aforementioned ad is also aired on GMA 7.

My thoughts about this ad is the use of kids on a political ad. Are they forced to do this or are they paid by Trillanes for that ad alone? That ad alone is a clear violation of the Fair Elections Act since it essentially attacked Duterte since Trillanes’ so-called exposé on Duterte’s so-called hidden wealth. I think Trillanes is so desperate to avoid a Duterte presidency and avoid launching a coup against Duterte if he wins the Presidency. The desperation comes after Duterte stole the momentum away from Grace Poe in the past few weeks thanks to his strong support among the masses, as well as the middle class and the elite. Our votes are not worth P20 million, Sen. Trillanes, so please stop this attempt to lure voters away from Duterte and focus on the real problems of the Philippines, like poverty, corruption, criminality, jobs, healthcare, the sea dispute with China, and others. Please spare these young kids!

My one last plea is to vote wisely and think hard on who do you think will lead the country to a better future in the next six years.

My Thoughts on the Anti-Duterte ad paid by Trillanes

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