New Kid in Town in Koronadal FM

Looks like Brigada, Happy, Gold and Love are now bracing for a new, albeit low-powered competitor. Koronadal City, a bustling city of 158,000 (2010 NSO Census) and an hour and a half away from General Santos City, now has five FM stations. The sixth FM station, 97.9 Spring Radio, is licensed in nearby Tampakan, South Cotabato.

Enter 93.9 Marvelous Radio. The said FM station is owned and operated by Marvelous College of Technology, Inc. and its campus is located at M.H. Del Pilar St., Brgy. Zone IV, in this city. The said station is now in test broadcast since May 13 and is now airing the same music offered by its FM competitors. It is Koronadal’s first campus-owned station since 104.1 Wow Radio owned by Green Valley College Foundation, Inc., which signed on last December 2012 (the said station signed off last 2013, thanks to the entry of 95.7 Brigada News FM). As a campus-owned FM station, the said station is low-powered and its signal is best heard within the 300-meter radius of the said campus, which includes Protech Center, South Cotabato Provincial Capitol, Rizal Park, South Cotabato Sports Complex and Notre Dame of Marbel University. If you want to try to listen to that station in areas like Ace Centerpoint and KCC Mall of Marbel, you need a bigger antenna to pick up the said station.

Let’s see if that station will hold on for a long time, even when its four full-powered FM competitors are stepping up in order to become the top station in Koronadal.

New Kid in Town in Koronadal FM

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