More FM Networks Manileños Want To Hear

This is part two of my series regarding provincial networks that Manileños want to hear.

Everybody was surprised last June 30 when Home Radio went back to the thing that they were known for – being the #1 easy listening station, just three years after the ill-fated attempt to reformat to the masa format, and didn’t click at all after few months, and later becoming a CHR local station, but with varied results.

Without further adieu, I will continue with the series, with an update on one of my entries, concerning a certain station of Viva Live.

After a disastrous attempt on being a Top 40 station, Viva Live decided to reformat Oomph! Radio into an all-OPM FM station named Halo-Halo Radio. (DISCLAIMER: The photo used is from 105.1 Halo-Halo Radio Cebu) (SOURCE: Viva Live)

Last time, I mentioned that Manileños want to hear Oomph! Radio just five months ago. Oh well, times have changed. Enter Viva Live’s Halo-Halo Radio. Similar to Pinas FM 95.5 of Eagle Broadcasting Corporation, Halo-Halo Radio plays only OPM hits throughout its broadcast day. It is currently available in Metro Cebu, Metro Davao and Zamboanga City. If Viva Live managed to secure a full-powered FM station in Metro Manila sometime in the future, we’re sure that Halo-Halo Radio will surely give Pinas FM its only all-OPM competitor.

Puerto Princesa-based Radyo Bandera Network, founded by Elgin Robert Damasco, a former radio personality of RMN Gensan and Brigada News FM Puerto Princesa, emerged as the biggest threat to Brigada News FM’s superiority on the provincial news FM market, expanding to both big and small markets across the country within just over a year. (SOURCE: Radyo Bandera Network)

Another news FM outlet. Do I need to say more? Enter Radyo Bandera (no relation to the Inquirer-owned Bandera tabloid). It is actually based in Puerto Princesa City in Palawan, founded by another anchor-turned-media conglomerate owner Elgin Robert Damasco. After working in various radio stations in his native General Santos City and Puerto Princesa City (including a stint with Brigada News FM Puerto Princesa, owned by another Gensan native Elmer Catulpos), he launched Radyo Bandera and was serious to take on the news FM outlets in Puerto Princesa. He even expanded his network across Palawan and Mindanao (including his native General Santos City), put up a TV station in Puerto Princesa, and expanded his output in Visayas and putting one within Metro Manila’s doorstep, in Olongapo City. The closest station Manileños will hear a Radyo Bandera News FM station is in Olongapo, and is at 107.1 MHz, but good luck trying to receive that station, thanks to a pirate FM station invading the airwaves in Metro Manila, at 107.1 MHz playing Japanese music and even freaking Morse Code. The name is Radyo Kontra Weeaboo. Back to Radyo Bandera, since the airwaves in Metro Manila is way too crowded, they should do the same stop-gap solution Brigada News FM employed in Metro Manila with stations in Batangas, Pampanga and Olongapo, should they decide to expand to Metro Manila. Good luck with that anyway.

Just like the stations I’ve mentioned in the first part, I wish them the best of luck in trying to deal with Metro Manila’s already-overcrowded FM dial.

More FM Networks Manileños Want To Hear

New Season of Pokémon Premieres on Cartoon Network Philippines; Fate of Pokémon on GMA Still Uncertain

Pokémon XY: Kalos Quest, the eighteenth season of the long-running anime, will finally premiere in the Philippines starting Monday. (Photo: Bulbapedia)

Pokémon fans in the Philippines, rejoice! The eighteenth season, dubbed as ‘Pokémon XY: Kalos Quest’ will continue the adventures of Ash Ketchum and his trusted friend Pikachu, as well as his travelling companions Lumiose Gym Leader Clemont and his little sister Bonnie, as well as Serena, who once met Ash on a summer camp in Pallet Town when they were younger, and face new challenges across Kalos Region, which is inspired by France. In this season, Ash will challenge more gyms, including Clemont’s, and Serena will pursue her dream to become a Pokémon Performer and the next Kalos Queen.

As for the fate of the Pokémon franchise on GMA Network, the said network concluded the run of ‘Pokémon Black and White’ earlier this month and GMA has not released any plans to air seasons 15, 16 and 18. The said anime is now occupied by the fast-popular anime series ‘Yo-Kai Watch’.

Catch new episodes of ‘Pokémon XY: Kalos Quest’ starting Monday, 6:45pm on Cartoon Network Philippines. Cartoon Network Philippines is available on most cable providers nationwide.

New Season of Pokémon Premieres on Cartoon Network Philippines; Fate of Pokémon on GMA Still Uncertain