Brigada’s Success Explained

Looks like 2016 really is a good year for Brigada after all. For anyone curious on what station they really are, Brigada News FM’s format is actually a hybrid of an AM station and a FM station airing the Hot Adult Contemporary format, well-known in the country as “masa”. Brigada Healthline might be their main advertiser, it is also sought after by advertisers after they heard the success of some of their stations.

If you wondered why Brigada News FM is considered an underdog by listeners in the Metro thanks to their weak signal, we need to take a look further on their success elsewhere.

The signal of 104.7 Brigada News FM National might be weak in parts of Metro Manila, it dominated the airwaves on its home market, Batangas, where the frequency is currently licensed. BNFM National proved on the 2015 Kantar Media survey to do just that.

Following the success in Batangas, the success went to the south and found its way to South Cotabato. 95.7 Brigada News FM Koronadal dominated the airwaves after that station was proclaimed overall #1 radio station on that market, based on the 2015 Kantar Media survey, besting more established names like RMN, Love Radio and Bombo Radyo.

Afterwards, the success found its way to Zamboanga. Just last February, 89.9 Brigada News FM Zamboanga became the overall #1 radio station on that market, also based on Kantar survey. It even beat some established names like RMN, Yes FM, MOR, iFM and Star FM. The news FM market in Zamboanga might be competitive (89.9 BNFM vs. e-Media News FM 105.9), but Brigada proved its worth.

And it continued on the place that started it all, General Santos. Just last summer, Nielsen proclaimed 89.5 Brigada News FM as the overall #1 radio station on that market. Not just that, it even defended that title as Nielsen proclaimed just last November that BNFM Gensan is still the overall #1 radio station. It even bested RMN, Bombo Radyo, Radyo Ronda, iFM, MOR, Home Radio, Wild FM, Love Radio, Barangay and Magic to do just that.

And it even continued to the Queen City of the South, Cebu City, considered as one of the largest and most competitive radio markets in the country. 93.1 Brigada News FM Cebu proved to itself last November that the said station became the #1 FM station in Metro Cebu, besting Barangay RT and MOR, who were battling for the #1 spot for years. Not even that, Brigada even destroyed Radyo5 101.9 News FM Cebu out of the Top 10, based on data from Kantar Media. RMN might dominate Cebu’s airwaves, for now, but other stations have considered Brigada News FM Cebu as one of the competition on one of the most competitive radio markets in the country.

Perhaps we should tell the story of Brigada’s success in markets where they’re not the #1 FM station, preferably the ones where they dominated the news FM category. In Davao, on the recent Kantar Media survey released this month, MOR might be #1 on the market, 91.5 Brigada News FM Davao, despite being ranked #7 on the FM band based on the station’s ratings, it even beat Radyo5 101.9 News FM, as the news FM leader on the most competitive news FM markets in the country. Not just that, they also beat 94.7 One Radio – Radyo Ni Juan, 105.9 Balita FM (reported to be inactive since end-September), and 98.7 Home Radio News FM (recently entered on the news FM market this year as a hybrid news radio/Top 40 station). BNFM Davao knocked out its competition out of Top 10 on Kantar survey, even behind Top 40 stations Monster Radio BT 99.5 and Magic 89.1, who ranked #11 and #12, respectively. In Kidapawan, North Cotabato, 97.5 Brigada News FM Kidapawan, despite being #2 overall where 88.7 Happy FM became #1 based on Kantar Media survey last February, they dominated the news FM segment on that city, beating 107.9 One Radio – Radyo Ni Juan and UMBN’s 92.9 Radyo Ukay (simulcasting its sister station Radyo Ukay 1089 AM).

There are some signs that 102.5 Brigada News FM Cagayan de Oro might beat 99.9 Magnum Radio, but time would tell if they did just that.

Manila will still think that Radyo5 have set the standard of the news FM station in the country and they still think so. Radyo5 might have started the trend back in 2010, but an unknown brand out of General Santos City, Brigada News FM, did revolutionize the news FM format that the people loved. Dumarami nga ang mga news FM stations na nagsusulputan like Muews Radio (with stations in most minor markets and Iligan being its significant major market), One Radio – Radyo Ni Juan (based in Davao and has stations in Davao Region and in North Cotabato) and Radyo Bandera (based in Palawan with stations in Puerto Princesa, General Santos, Bukidnon and Sultan Kudarat), but no one can match the success Brigada has achieved in the past two years.

For Manileños who still doubt Brigada’s success in the provinces, time will tell when Brigada would make an impact on the already-crowded airwaves. I repeat, time will tell, and a full-powered frequency to boot.

Brigada’s Success Explained

JRDV’s World Year In Review: PH Radio

With other blogs sharing their insights on Philippine Television in 2015, I will show you some big news in Philippine Radio.



After the various re-formats, 103.5 K-Lite settled in the Adult Contemporary format, which resulted in the station being #6 in Metro Manila ratings, based on figures released by Nielsen. (Photo: Advanced Media Broadcasting System, Inc.)

After the disastrous re-formats of 103.5 K-Lite (from AC on its launch last July 22, 2013 to CHR last April 21, 2014 to Adult Hits last August 18, 2014 (as a desperate attempt to compete against Retro 105.9 DCG-FM and 107.5 Wish FM) before settling in to the AC format last November 24, 2014), it seems that the listeners of 103.5 K-Lite have something to cheer on this year. A year after settling on the Adult Contemporary format, K-Lite was ranked #6 on Metro Manila FM Ratings, based on AC Nielsen survey. I’m pretty sure that learning their mistakes from last year actually helped them a lot and I hope that it will continue in the years to come.

After saying goodbye to the Adult Contemporary format, there are changes on Home Radio last year before settling in to the CHR format. Just recently, they dropped ‘Natural!’ from its logo and retired the said slogan, in order to remove any connection to the disastrous reformat from AC to masa last year. (Photo: Aliw Broadcasting Corporation)

Another station that struggled last year was 97.9 Home Radio. After dropping its Adult Contemporary format last February 28, 2014, the station was relaunched and became 97.9 Home Radio Natural! and went masa. They dropped Home Radio on its station branding, fired all of its female DJs, and even hired Duncan Ramos and Jimmy Bondoc on its roster, but it doesn’t help at all. After realizing that they have no chance against stations like 90.7 Love Radio, 101.1 Yes FM, Barangay LS 97.1, MOR 101.9, 93.9 iFM and 106.7 Energy FM, they decided to reformat from masa to CHR last August 2014, which continued until today. The Home Radio branding returned last November 3, 2014 and broadcasting in full English last January (for the first time since dropping the AC format in favor of masa). It seems that 97.9 Home Radio learned their lessons this year, like 103.5 K-Lite, and it should help them to succeed in its new format. To remove such connection from the masa disaster, 97.9 Home Radio decided to drop its slogan “Natural!” for good. The station now targets millennials with today’s hottest music.


In order to help Metro Manila listeners cope up with signal issues on 104.7, Brigada News FM opened their new stations in Pampanga (92.7) and Olongapo (93.5), in order to improve its reception issues. Brigada News FM even launched its new FM station in Davao (91.5) after acquiring the frequency from Primax. (Photo: Brigada Mass Media Corporation)

It seems that Brigada Mass Media Corporation’s expansion continued this year. Even though 104.7 Brigada News FM National became #1 in Batangas and Lipa (based on 2015 KBP-Kantar Media Survey), the station faced lots of issues in Metro Manila, especially on its signal reception. To solve the problem, BMMC launched 92.7 Brigada News FM Pampanga based in San Fernando City, Pampanga (which initially relayed programs from 104.7 from April before launching its own programming in September 14) and 93.5 Brigada News FM Olongapo (launched last April and aired its own programming).

BMMC made headlines in Davao after acquiring the 91.5 frequency from its previous owner Primax Broadcasting Network (which also occupied Jacinta Building 2 in Makati and occupied the 10th floor of the said building, while Brigada’s National Headquarters occupied the 5th floor of the said building). BMMC even constructed the station’s new transmitter st Shrine Hills, replacing the old one. Test broadcast started last August 10 before being formally launched last August 23, in time for Davao City’s 30th Kadayawan Festival. The new station now competes against 94.7 Radyo Ni Juan (which occupied 94.7 Mellow Touch Davao’s blocktime since May 2014), Radyo5 101.9 News FM and 105.9 Balita FM. Brigada’s expansion might continue as stations in cities like Tuguegarao, Cauayan and Roxas City will be airing soon.


UMBN shocked Cebuanos as 103.5 Wild FM Cebu ended its broadcast last January and went off-the-air for over a month. The station finally relaunched last March 16 and became 103.5 Retro Cebu. (Photo: UMBN)

After years of success as 103.5 Wild FM Cebu, Ditan Communications (University of Mindanao Broadcasting Network’s Visayas subsidiary) shocked Cebuanos after signing off 103.5 Wild FM Cebu last January without any announcements. The station went off-the-air for over a month. Last March 16, the station was relaunched and it became 103.5 Retro Cebu. Unlike the previous Wild FM format which played CHR, Retro Cebu played the greatest hits from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. The success of the format even convinced UMBN to rebrand its station in Davao from 95.5 Hit Radio to 95.5 Retro Davao next year. For those wondering if Retro 105.9 DCG-FM and 103.5 Retro Cebu have the same ownership (even though they have the same format), THE ANSWER IS NO. The Manila station is owned by DCG Radio-TV Network with radio stations in CALABARZON, while the Cebu and the soon-to-be relaunched Davao stations are owned by UMBN.


Dreams do come true. After eight years of waiting, Mike Enriquez’ dreams came true as Barangay LS 97.1 became the #1 FM station in Metro Manila, according to Nielsen, after beating the long-time ratings juggernaut 90.7 Love Radio. (Photo: GMA Network)

Dreams do come true, after all. After eight years of waiting, Mike Enriquez’ dreams of 97.1 being the #1 FM station came true. Based on the 2015 Nielsen survey, Barangay LS 97.1 recently proclaimed as the new #1 station in Metro Manila. It seems that the nationwide integration of some of Barangay LS’ programs to provincial Barangay FM stations have finally worked. We have to see if Barangay LS will hold on to the #1 spot after 90.7 Love Radio held on after more than a decade.

Speaking of Barangay LS, at the height of the recent closures of GMA’s regional stations in Ilocos, Naga, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro and General Santos last April, GMA decided to made Barangay LS more available to listeners nationwide and have a nationwide simulcast of Barangay LS. The programs that simulcasted to Barangay stations nationwide include “Barangay Love Stories” and “Talk To Papa”, in order for the network to fulfill its promise as stated in its slogan “Isang Bansa, Isang Barangay”. Both programs started airing in provincial Barangay stations this year.


The shocker this year is the unexpected cancellation of the Friday night program “Gabi Na, Gising Na!” earlier this year, hosted by Chico Loco of 101.1 Yes! FM and Papa Jack of 90.7 Love Radio. The real shocker is the announcement of Chico Loco’s resignation last March, after 7 years of service at 101.1 Yes! FM and 5 years of hosting “Yes! Diaries”. Chico Loco eventually settled in Dubai and is now working on Tag 91.1.

As for Papa Jack, his loyal listeners, as well as netizens have wondered why Papa Jack went off the air after Chico Loco’s unexpected resignation. After two months, Papa Jack returned to the airwaves and continued hosting “True Love Conversations” on 90.7 Love Radio. The companion program “Wild Confessions” was cancelled.

As for the replacement of “Yes! Diaries”, Yes! FM launched “Usapang LDR” and even hired 2 ex-iFM DJs Megan and Kara, to do the job. Despite these woes, expect Love Radio and Yes! FM to recover its lost ground.


The real shocker is the addition of home shopping on EBC’s radio stations DZEC Radyo Agila 1062 and Pinas FM 95.5. This is after their parent company Eagle Broadcasting Corporation signed a deal with EZ Shop to air EZ Shop on Net 25. (Photo:

We always thought that home shopping will forever stay on TV. I guess we’re all wrong. Last December 24, listeners of DZEC Radyo Agila 1062 and Pinas FM 95.5 were greeted with EZ Shop products, and is aired from Monday-Sunday on both stations. It might be a first in Philippine radio history, it might help EZ Shop to gain more exposure, especially on a medium that is reached by more people, especially in rural areas. I’m not sure if MOR will add O Shopping, Radyo5 adding Shop Japan and Barangay LS adding Shop TV in the future.


It seems that Mom’s Radio returned to the airwaves after five years. Estima Content revived the said brand and even re-negotiated with SBN, resulting in Mom’s Radio’s revival. So far, Mom’s Radio is currently heard in Bacolod (90.3), Cebu (88.3) and Davao (97.9).

Expect Philippine radio to be exciting in 2016 since the elections are coming up soon.



JRDV’s World Year In Review: PH Radio

GMA adds Shop TV; to face-off against O Shopping and Shop Japan

GMA joins the late night home shopping bandwagon as it adds Solar Entertainment’s Shop TV on its lineup, facing up against O Shopping on ABS-CBN and Shop Japan on TV5. (Photo: Shop TV Philippines Facebook page)

After ABS-CBN adding O Shopping and TV5 adding Shop Japan on their respective late night lineups with their respective products sold to televiewers, another network joined the bandwagon. It’s GMA 7.

On the recent years, GMA does not air home shopping at all. With the recent addition of Shop TV of Solar Entertainment Corporation on GMA’s late night lineup, Kapuso viewers who stayed late at night will have more chance to see the products that Shop TV has to offer.

Catch Shop TV on GMA starting tomorrow, November 30, from 12:30-2:00am, Mondays-Fridays.

Watch Shop TV on SkyCable channel 13 in Metro Manila and other providers nationwide. To order from Shop TV, call 817-7000 (Metro Manila) and 1-800-10-817-7000 (Provincial, toll-free).

NOTE: The last infomercial GMA aired was the Proactiv infomercials on early morning hours way back in 2005.

GMA adds Shop TV; to face-off against O Shopping and Shop Japan

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