Viral Story “Vince and Kath” Trends Online

Have you noticed that the story of Vince and Kath took over the Philippine Facebook news feeds over the past four days? The author of this blog noticed it and already followed the story, from the very start.

Facebook page Life and Social Media decided to make a love story featuring Vince, a college basketball varsity player and took Electrical Engineering on a college, and Kath, a college heartthrob that stole Vince’s heart. Other characters include Jake, Kath’s best friend, Kath’s father who worked in Dubai, Jella, Marc’s cousin and the person who recruited Vince on a job after hearing that he finished Electrical Engineering, and Maxine, Kath’s BFF.

On the sixth part of the story, Kath and Vince became an official couple.

As of this writing, the viral online story is now on its 11th chapter and netizens are now waiting on what will happen to Vince after someone stabbed Vince. The said office mate informed Kath about the said incident and informed her daddy afterwards.

The said story is pretty accurate, regarding romance on today’s generation with the advent of social media. The simple text conversations and emoticons are the reasons why more people followed the story. After the initial eleven chapters, you can feel the tension, the drama and the romance on the said story, making its way to online fandom.

As of this writing, the whole story gathered more than 270,000 likes (six combined albums on the story on Life and Social Media’s page) and deserves a TV adaptation, once the story is finished. One thing’s for sure, we better stay tuned on what happens next.

Viral Story “Vince and Kath” Trends Online